Summer Dance Camp (SDC) from idance® and Hip Hop International - Russia

July 9-22, 2018 with Maria Budolak and Omar Paloma

No dancer EVER becomes successful on natural talent alone

Eveer have doubts about yourself?

This is Our 7th Successful year! This project, Summer Dance Camp, started in 2008 and since then, with each passing year, the camp gets better and better.

What makes this camp special is Maria Budolak and Omar Paloma's teaching methodology. No matter what your level, uncertainty, fear and doubt are dancers worst enemies. We help you learn to overcome all this and reveal the face of the person you might never have known existed.

This inspirational experience, packed with high-quality dance information from mega-experienced teachers, will give you the push you need for a whole year.

How does our camp differ from the rest?

All our education takes place in two languages, English and Russian

Omar Paloma is the founder of idance® and the Director of Hip Hop International UK. Maria Budolak is the Director of Hip Hop International Russia, their legendary partnership has inspired dancers in the UK, Russia, Italy, Greece, India, Cypress and more

We don't just work with the body ...

... we pump in the dance, but we also work on your personal growth, work with fears, doubts, and uncertainties. We supercharge you for success in all spheres of your life. Effective work on yourself. This our concept.

We are one of the only camps in Europe where ...

... with you, for all two weeks, there will be a person who knows about hip-hop culture not by hearsay, or from master classes or videos on YouTube. Omar Paloma has grown in it! Omar Paloma was born and grew up in Brooklyn, New York when this culture was born. He lived there, basted and participated directly. His experience in the dance sphere is difficult to overestimate.

And we will live in an insanely beautiful place ...

... breathe fresh air, sleep on huge comfortable beds at Gorki Plaza Hotel, admire the mountains, swim in the sea, visit the spa, go to the movies and eat a balanced diet.


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  • Double Room


    The price includes a delicious breakfast buffet. There are shops, supermarkets, a lift, a cinema, a water park, etc. nearby, and the hotel has a sauna and a gym.

  • Hotel

    Gorky Plaza

    The hotel is ideally located in the heart of the resort town of Gorky. The hotel offers modern, comfortable rooms, overlooking the mountain peaks. After an active day in training, your comfy room will allow you to relax and rebuild your strength in preparation for your next day’s dance achievements.

Don't Miss Out


More than 40 classes from master teachers


The sea and the sun


Healthy lifestyle


Lessons with international teachers